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Why Go With Skylord

We offer a choice of Tour packages in Nepal Tibet and Bhutan. Managed and operated by a group of dedicated and experienced people who are not only well versed in the adventure travel service business but also are committed to conserving our natural and cultural diversity. Our treks, tours and river rafting trips are well equipped , offers optimum safety, provides guides who have first hand knowledge of the routes, natural history and cultural background.

Trained Trek Guides and Sherpas
Each of our treks are managed by a team of professionally trained trek guide, cook and sherpas. Many of our famous mountain guides have climbed Everest and other Himalayan peaks. Our leaders/guides and trek crew are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable holiday to our clients and in an eco-friendly manner.

High Quality Camping Equipment
All our camping-treks are outfitted with the highest quality equipment available. Comfortable dome or 'A' frame tents, foam mattress, dinning tent with camp chairs and tables and a toilet tent are standard equipment on all our camping treks.

Hygenic Food & Water Preparation
Meal are prepared by cooks trained in modern cooking hygiene. Special care is taken to serve well boiled and purified drinking water everyday on trail to ensure that our trekkers stay healthy and enjoy their outing fully. Lodge food along the popular trails vary from basic to those offering a range of choice from pizzas to apple pie.

Kerosene Fuel For Cooking
In order not to contribute to the already rapid denudation of Himalayan forests we use kerosene fuel for all client and staff cooking on all our camping treks. When we use local services like lodges we patronize and encourage those lodges who have adopted ecologically safe methods in use of fuel and waste management - thereby encouraging other lodges to implement similar, or better, methods.

Correct Disposal Of Waste
Our trail staff are trained in the correct disposal of waste. All biodegradable waste is burned and buried before breaking camp every morning. Care is taken to fill in toilet holes after use. It is our policy to porter all non-degradable waste (viz: used batteries, tin cans, bottles, plastics, etc.) out of the mountains. All our trip members are briefed about requirements regarding waste disposal before starting. All paper and dry tissue are collected and burned by our crew. Plastics, tins, foils, batteries and other non- biodegradable items are to be taken back to Kathmandu (used batteries cannot be properly disposed in Nepal hence we encourage that batteries to go back to where they came from to be disposed properly).

Staff Insurance, etc.
We take pride in the fact that every single porter and guide employed by us is not only well paid but also protected by a life insurance policy. They are provided with warm clothing and proper shelter on all high altitude treks. All our treks benefit the village economics by using local services (manpower, produce, lodges and other services).